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Buy laser cutting equipment must shop around!

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Buy laser cutting equipment must shop around! The laser cutting machine has developed very rapidly in recent years. From the initial solid-state laser equipment to the fiber laser cutting machine that is now everywhere, from the low power of two or three hundred watts to the current 10,000-watt level, our laser technology is still constantly The price of the laser cutting machine is much lower than that of the previous years. This is a very happy thing for friends who buy equipment. No matter what industry you can buy a laser, use it. Laser started. The laser cutting machine has really walked into our lives. The rapid development of laser cutting machine, the competition behind it is also very fierce! According to statistics, there are no fewer than hundreds of laser equipment manufacturers across the country, and the scale is also uneven.

For the majority of customers, buying equipment will compare goods, so competition among peers is definitely indispensable! In addition to configuration, customers who buy equipment are concerned about the price and after-sales service.

This is also the competition point of major manufacturers. Price competition is the most common among peer competitors. When you consult a power device, there may be a price difference of tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. For those who don't understand, it may feel that the manufacturers with high quotations are too unreliable, and the prices are so high, do you want to pit me? Jun Yi editor here reminds everyone to ask more when buying equipment, ask the configuration of each and then compare the prices. When it comes to configuration and technology, many people may say that the laser is someone else's. For you manufacturers, it's nothing more than to assemble them together.

No technology is needed. Yes, on the surface, this is indeed the case. Therefore, many people think that the threshold of the laser cutting machine industry is relatively low, and the profit is high. Just pull a few people to do it, but how much is made and how much is sold. As mentioned above, there are many manufacturers, and the equipment produced is very cheap. Due to cost constraints, the spare parts and machine tools used are naturally poor. Like these manufacturers, there is generally no long-term sustainable strategic deployment, no core technology, and they are all low-end products. Simple assembly is OK. If you need to study some high-tech things without professional talents, He can't make good equipment with the same parts. In addition to the laser, the laser machine is also important for a laser device.

The same laser, equipment made by different manufacturers, some can be used for several years without major problems, and some have small problems every day, and even more pitfalls have appeared There is no way for the manufacturer to solve this problem. The injured person is the one who bought the equipment. Otherwise, the equipment must be compared, otherwise the production will be delayed and the production will not be delivered on time. The loss will be even worse. . Zhejiang Lepaion Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of laser cutting equipment. Its power is 1000W-6000W for customers to choose from.

Our factory is from machine tool welding of fiber laser cutting machine, precision milling, spraying and assembly of gantry machining center are all factories Completed independently and independently, with strict quality control procedures and quality assurance. The machine tool is annealed and stress-relieved. It will not be deformed after 15 years of normal use. Welcome customers to visit the factory.

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