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Benefits of laser pipe cutting machine to enterprises

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  Some customers of leapion laser once thought it was very expensive to buy a fiber laser cutting machine. In particular, when they heard the price of the laser cutting machine, their first thought was that it was so expensive and they gave up using it. In fact, for the long-term development of the enterprise, the benefits brought by the fiber laser cutting machine to the enterprise far exceed the price of the equipment itself. So what benefits can it bring to the enterprises of metal pipe processing?

  1、 Improve the processing efficiency of metal pipe enterprises

  Fiber laser pipe cutting machine adopts the technology of fiber laser cutting machine, plus numerical control technology and chuck, which can realize the automatic feeding processing of rectangular tube, circular tube, elliptical tube, D-shaped tube and other materials. At the same time, the material on the pipe and the processing are carried out simultaneously.

  2、 Improve the processing and production quality of enterprises

  The accuracy of the tube fiber laser cutting machine can be controlled by the program intelligence, and the traditional cutting technology can not achieve the cutting effect. It has high cutting accuracy, very good cutting effect, no burr, no chip, no deformation, no need for secondary processing, saving the secondary processing after the traditional cutting machine.

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