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Application of metal laser welding machine in automotive industry

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  The automobile manufacturing industry is also a service industry. Nowadays, the automobile base in society is getting larger and larger, and the market is becoming wider and wider. As a car manufacturer, in addition to considering costs, quality is the most rigid requirement. Once there is a problem in the welding of automobile parts, it will cause the welding to be unstable and the whole is not stable enough. There may be no problems when you start driving, but the service life of the car is more than several years. If there is a problem during this period, it will threaten driving. Personal safety.

  After the introduction of metal laser welding machine, the quality can be optimized while considering the cost. Auto parts laser welding can reduce the number of parts and molds, reduce the number of spot welding, reduce the amount of materials, reduce costs and improve dimensional accuracy. The steel plate welded by laser is much stronger than ordinary welding. In addition, the width of the joint surface between the workpiece connections will be reduced. In addition to reducing the use of the plate, the overall rigidity of the vehicle is also improved, even if the driving time is long. For several years, its security is also very high. In addition, the laser welding machine can be used to make the welding part of the car free of stress and deformation, and the welding machine does not need heat treatment during operation, and has greater flexibility.

  Compared with the traditional welding process, laser welding is a non-contact welding. It does not require pressure during operation. It has fast welding speed, high efficiency, large depth and small deformation. It can be welded at room temperature or under special conditions. The laser welding equipment is simple, because it is not affected by the magnetic field and can be accurately positioned, so it can be micro-welded, which is suitable for the group welding of micro-small automotive workpieces that are mass-produced automatically. The operation requirements of laser welding technology are not high. You only need to know basic computer knowledge. Even ordinary employees can operate it, which can save a lot of manpower.leapion

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