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Application of laser cutting in chassis and cabinet industry

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  Chassis cabinet refers to a cabinet processed by sheet metal processing equipment. With the application of various high and new technologies, the application range of the cabinet cabinet is getting wider and wider, and the performance is getting higher and higher. The service life is more effective to improve efficiency. As the manufacturing industry, the cabinet and cabinet face the biggest processing problem still is the waste of materials and the consumption of time. Now, coupled with the increasing market demand for product aesthetics, the degree of complexity is also increasing, and the speed of product innovation is accelerating. Traditional processing methods are obviously inadequate. Laser cutting is to replace the traditional mechanical knife with a "beam". The cutting speed is fast and the incision is smooth. Generally, no post-processing is required. It is suitable for almost all types of metal materials, whether it is simple or complex parts, and can be formed quickly and precisely at one time. The use of software graphics to coordinate with the cutting work, without the need for molds, can not only achieve product diversification, but also greatly reduce the cost of molds. Manufacturers of computer case equipment room, safe cabinet, and file cabinet power distribution cabinet choose to use laser cutting equipment. The fancy is the stability, speed, and high precision of the equipment. There is no need for secondary processing of the workpiece, which can greatly improve production efficiency and reduce Cost of production. At the same time, due to the increasingly fierce market competition in the cabinet and cabinet industry, multi-variety and small-batch products are more and more popular in the market. The flexible processing method of laser cutting greatly improves the product quality, but also greatly shortens the R & D and production cycle, bringing customers Strong competitiveness.

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