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Application of fiber laser cutting machine in household appliances

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  Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine

  1. No machining stress, no deformation of workpiece

  Laser cutting can cut steel plate, steel, aluminum alloy and cemented carbide plate without deformation. Using fiber laser cutting equipment to cut steel, it will not be affected by the material quality, which is determined by the characteristics of laser, with the advantages that traditional processing methods can not compare.

  2. No need for secondary treatment, high processing efficiency

  The laser cutting equipment is used to process steel plates. The non-contact processing method will not affect the deformation of the workpiece, and will not affect the next process. After the laser cutting treatment, there is no need for secondary treatment, and the cutting surface is smooth.

  3. Better positioning accuracy and cutting effect

  The quality of laser beam focused is good, the positioning accuracy is better, so the cutting accuracy is higher.

  4. No tool wear, low maintenance cost, no loss when cutting steel with laser cutting machine, high photoelectric conversion rate, lower processing cost, and no maintenance when using fiber laser cutting machine.leapion

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