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Anti condensation laser cutting in summer

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  The arrival of summer solar term in May means that summer is coming and the temperature is obviously rising. At this time, thunderstorms increase and humidity is heavy. Frequent rainfall and humid environment can easily lead to condensation inside the laser, which will reduce the performance of the laser and even damage it. Condensation: put the object in a certain temperature, humidity and pressure environment, gradually reduce the object temperature. When the temperature around the object drops below the "dew point temperature" of the environment, the moisture in the air gradually reaches the saturation state until the dew is precipitated on the surface of the object.

  How to avoid condensation

  1. Avoid condensation inside and outside the laser without air conditioning

  If the laser without air conditioning is used and exposed to the working environment, once the cooling temperature is lower than the dew point temperature of the internal environment of the laser, water will be precipitated to the electrical and optical modules. If no measures are taken, the outer surface of the laser will start to condense. Therefore, once you see the condensation of the laser shell, it means that the internal environment has been dewed. It is necessary to stop working immediately and improve the working environment of laser immediately. The solution is: the laser is equipped with independent air conditioning room.

  2. Avoid condensation inside and outside the laser with air conditioner

  The cooling and dehumidification effect of the air conditioner will greatly reduce the dew point temperature of the laser environment when using the laser with its own air conditioner and exposed to the working environment. Generally, the refrigeration temperature of industrial air conditioner is consistent with that of cooling water.

  ✦ when the ambient temperature is lower than 38 ℃

  Industrial air conditioning can maintain the safety of laser environment, but there may be condensation on the surface of laser shell. If condensation does not form flowing water droplets, it is safe. If there are a large number of flowing water drops and there are obvious water stains around the laser, a safe and non condensation working environment must be established for the laser with air conditioning.

  ✦ when the ambient temperature is higher than 38 ℃

  The cooling capacity of the industrial air conditioner is not enough to maintain the safety of the internal environment of the laser, and condensation will still occur in the internal environment, and the external environment will also follow the condensation over a long period of time. Therefore, there should be no obvious heat source around the laser, and the thermal outlet of the water cooler should not be directly facing the laser.

  Whether the laser is equipped with air conditioning room or not, please set the cooling water temperature according to the following suggestions

  1. The water temperature of purified water (also known as low temperature water) should be set at about 21 ℃, which can be adjusted between 20 ℃ and 25 ℃ according to the situation. This adjustment needs to be made or confirmed by professionals.

  2. The water temperature of ionic DI water (also known as high temperature water) should be set at 27 ~ 33 ℃, which should be adjusted according to the environmental temperature and humidity. The basic principle is: the water temperature of DI water should be above the dew point of the environment.

  As condensation is an objective physical phenomenon, it can not be avoided 100%. However, we should remind everyone that when using the laser, we must try our best to reduce the temperature difference between the operating environment and the cooling temperature of the laser.

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