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Advantage principle of laser cutting machine

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  leapion Laser cutting machine is mainly used in the cutting of sheet metal, which is also an important part of sheet metal cutting. Generally speaking, laser cutting machine is mainly metal cutting and non-metal cutting. Many cutting methods are difficult to reach the target mainly because they are inferior in speed and quality, but the laser cutting machine has great advantages in this respect. After cutting, the high precision of the laser cutting machine does not need follow-up processing, which greatly saves time.

  The principle of laser cutting machine is to produce laser beam through laser, through a series of reflector transmission, and then focus on the workpiece surface by focusing mirror, and generate local high temperature at the intersection point, so that the workpiece is melted or vaporized instantly by heating pad to form a slit. At the same time, in the process of cutting, a and B auxiliary gas will blow out the slag at the cutting seam, and finally achieve the purpose of cutting. Laser cutting is mainly used for thin plates, and the range of cutting materials is very wide, mainly divided into metal cutting and non-metal cutting. Because of the characteristics of laser, such as high direction, high brightness and high intensity, the laser cutting speed is fast, the machining accuracy is high, and the slit is very narrow, generally without subsequent processing.

  To sum up, laser cutting machine in cutting materials, a wider range, cutting accuracy higher. It is cheaper to use.

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