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1kw laser cutting machine can cut sheet metal instantly

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  In the field of sheet metal cutting, it is the world of 1kw laser cutting machine. It can cut beautiful, fast and flexible sheet metal instantly. If you are engaged in sheet metal processing, and intend to buy a device for cutting, then 1kw laser cutting machine is undoubtedly your best choice.

  With the application of 1kw laser cutting machine, the sheet metal processing technology has been developed rapidly. The laser cutting machine equipment is being familiar and accepted by the majority of sheet metal processing enterprises, and gradually replaces the traditional sheet metal cutting equipment with its advantages of high processing efficiency, high processing accuracy, good cutting section quality, and three-dimensional cutting processing, such as cutting machine, punch, flame cutting, etc Ion cutting, high-pressure water cutting and other traditional plate processing equipment.

  The cutting process of 1kw laser cutting machine plays an important role in sheet metal processing, which improves the productivity of sheet metal process and promotes the development of sheet metal process. 1kw laser cutting machine has high flexibility, can greatly reduce the processing cycle, cutting speed, high production efficiency, improve processing accuracy, speed up the development of products, these advantages are concerned by many manufacturers.

  The processing of 1kw laser cutting machine is to replace the traditional mechanical knife with invisible light beam. It has the characteristics of high precision, fast cutting, not limited by cutting patterns, automatic typesetting and material saving, smooth cutting, low processing cost, etc. it will gradually improve or replace the traditional metal cutting equipment.

  There is no contact between the mechanical part of the laser cutting head and the workpiece, and the 1kw laser cutting machine will not scratch the surface of the workpiece in the work; the laser cutting speed is fast, the incision is smooth and flat, generally without subsequent processing; the cutting heat affected area is small, the plate deformation is small, and the cutting seam is narrow; the incision has no mechanical stress, and there is no shear burr; the repeatability is good, the material surface is not damaged, and the numerical control programming is available It is economical and time-saving to cut the whole plate with large breadth without developing the mold.

  There are many applications of sheet metal, and the products are closely related to our life. The 1kw laser cutting machine is fearless of challenges, bringing revolutionary ideas to sheet metal production and processing, and creating a better enjoyment for our material life.

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