High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

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Linear motor makes more precise

The equipment adopts ultra-high precision linear motor module, compact structure and low power loss. Without mechanical contact, friction force is smaller. 
Smooth movement, high position accuracy and repositioning accuracy, higher speed and acceleration. 
Fast reaction speed, high sensitivity, excellent follow-up performance, safe and reliable, long service life, low motion noise. 
High efficiency and cutting quality, suitable for ultra precision cutting.

Marble countertop makes it stable

The machine support adopts marble structure, with good overall rigidity and high strength. 

The crossbeam body is designed with light weight and good acceleration performance. 

It is precisely processed by CNC gantry milling machine to ensure accurate movement.

Smart control 

It adopts the laser cutting control system of American headtechs, which integrates file reading, typesetting, code conversion and processing control.

Greater compatibility

It supports nlight, IPG, coherentr / rofin, raycus, maxhotonics and other brands of fiber lasers, and develops three-stage, progressive perforation and other widely used perforation processes.


With a fully enclosed design

Safety and No Pollution. The observation window adopts an European CEstandard laser protective glass. The smoke produced by cutting can be filtrated inside, it's non-polluting and environmentally friendly.


What materials can be processed ?

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