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What should we pay attention to when we use laser to cut materials

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  In the laser cutting machine, it is necessary to master and solve these key technologies for cutting parts with high precision or large thickness. The focus position control is one of them. One of the advantages of laser cutting is that the energy density of the beam is very high, so the diameter of the focus spot will be as small as possible to produce a narrow slit. Because the focal depth of the focus lens is smaller, For high quality cutting, the effective focal depth is also related to the lens diameter and the material to be cut. Therefore, it is important to control the position of the focus relative to the surface of the material to be cut

  Because the density of laser power has a great influence on the cutting speed, the choice of focal length of lens is a very important problem. After the laser beam is focused, the size of the spot is directly proportional to the focal length of the lens. After the beam is focused by the short focal length lens, the spot size will be very small, and the power density at the focal point is higher, which is more favorable for material cutting. However, its disadvantage is that the focal depth is very short and the adjustment margin is small, Generally, it is more suitable for high-speed cutting of thin materials. Because the long focal length lens has a wide focal depth, as long as it has enough power density, it is more suitable for cutting thick workpieces

  When laser cutting steel, oxygen and focused laser beam are emitted to the material to be cut through the nozzle to form an air flow beam. The basic requirement for air flow is that the air flow into the incision should be large and the speed should be high, so as to oxidize enough to make the incision material fully carry out exothermic reaction, At the same time, there is enough momentum to blow out the molten material. At present, the nozzle for laser cutting adopts the structure of a cone-shaped hole with a small round hole at the end. When in use, a certain pressure is introduced from the side of the nozzle. The material is pure copper, small volume, and it is a vulnerable part.leapion

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