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Precautions for cutting round holes with stainless steel laser cutting machine

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  More and more enterprises use laser to cut round holes because of the flexibility and efficiency of laser processing methods. The cross section of the round hole processed by laser is more and more lubricated, and the diameter of the round hole can also be infinitely modified to meet the diversified needs of the factory.

  However, using laser cutting machine to process round holes is not very simple, but requires some skills. Let's have the laser engineer analyze the reasons and precautions for cutting the circular hole.

  Air pressure not suitable

  In the process of blowing, when the air pressure is too small, the phenomenon of marginal slag scraping and carbonization will appear, and the pressure is too large and the hole will simply burst. Therefore, it requires a perfect cooperation between the process proofer and the machine to select the appropriate air pressure based on experience, and then make the cutting round hole fuller.

  Round hole is too small.

  The best plan for laser cutting machine to cut round holes is that the share of round holes is 1:1, that is to say, the share of hole diameter and plate thickness is 1:1. Of course, this share means that the larger the hole diameter is, the easier it is to cut high-quality round holes. Otherwise, when the fiber laser cutting machine is short of energy, the cutting hole is simply out of the point and the breakpoint remains, and the round hole is not round.

  Servo motor parameter error

  The round hole sometimes presents ellipse or irregular phenomenon, which is related to the X \ Y axis movement mismatch, and the direct cause of the X \ Y axis movement mismatch is that the servo motor parameter adjustment is not appropriate. Therefore, the quality of cutting round hole has certain requirements for servo motor.

  Error in accuracy of guide rail and lead screw

  If the parameter error of servo motor affects the cutting quality, the accuracy error of guide rail and lead screw will directly lead to the hole accuracy not reaching the expectation. This is related to the strength of laser cutting machine manufacturers. In the process of operation in practice, the quality and function of laser drilling are not good, which affects the added value of products. So it is necessary to select high quality and big brand laser cutting machine.

  All these parameters are used to distinguish whether the accuracy, speed and other parameters of the cutting round hole meet the requirements of the specification, and whether the quality of the laser cutting machine purchased is qualified. Therefore, customers must keep their eyes wide open in the process of purchasing laser cutting machine.

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