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The effect of the speed of the laser cutting machine on the cutting effect

Aug. 16, 2019

Many customers ask your laser cutting machine how many meters can be cut in one minute when consulting a laser cutting machine? Indeed, laser cutting machines are a highly efficient device, and the cutting speed is naturally the focus of customer care. But is it better for the laser cutting machine to cut faster when cutting the sheet? The following high-energy laser will give you an analysis of this problem.

The effect of the speed of the laser cutting machine on the cutting effect

Cutting speed analysis of laser cutting machine equipment

1. When the laser cutting speed is too fast, it will cause the following unfavorable results:

1 can not be cut, sparks sprayed;

2 causing the cut surface to appear a diagonal stripe road, and the lower half produces a melt;

3 caused the entire section to be thicker, but no cracks were produced;

2. Conversely, when the laser cutting speed is too slow, it will cause:

1 caused over-melting condition and the cutting surface is rough.

2 The slit is widened and melts at the sharp corner.

3 affect the cutting efficiency.

Therefore, in order to make the laser cutting machine equipment better perform its cutting function, it is possible to cut the spark from the laser device to determine whether the speed is suitable:

1. If the spark spreads from top to bottom, the cutting speed is appropriate;

2. If the spark is tilted backwards, it indicates that the feed rate is too fast;

3. If the sparks are not diffused and less when cutting, they are condensed together, which indicates that the cutting speed of the laser cutting machine is too slow and needs to be properly accelerated.

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