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Laser cutting processing features

Sep. 25, 2019

1. The laser power density is high. After the material absorbs the laser, the temperature rises rapidly and melts or vaporizes. Even materials with high melting point, high hardness and brittleness can be processed by laser;

2. The laser head does not touch the workpiece, and there is no problem of machining tool wear;

3. The workpiece is not subject to machining chipping force;

4. The spot diameter of the laser beam can be as small as micrometers, and the action time can be as short as nanoseconds and picoseconds. At the same time, the continuous output power of high-power lasers can reach the order of kilowatts to ten kilowatts, so the laser is suitable for precision. Micro-machining is also suitable for the processing of large plates;

5, the laser beam is easy to control, combined with precision machinery, precision measurement technology and electronic computer, can achieve high automation of processing and achieve high processing accuracy.

Laser cutting processing can be divided into cutting, welding, marking, punching, dicing, texturing, heat treatment, etc. according to the processing category.

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