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Different industries have different requirements for laser cutting machines

Sep. 23, 2019

Different industries have different requirements for laser cutting machines

The automobile body stamping parts production line has the characteristics of continuous, high efficiency and high reliability. The automotive industry requires special research on the process characteristics of automobile parts and exchanges with the automobile industry to develop a modular and serialized flexible production line. The flexible production line is processed by the processing parts of the automobile engine cylinder head, cylinder head, crankshaft, connecting rod, camshaft and box body. The module that can adapt to the mixed production can be reorganized and reorganized into the production line to grasp the function evaluation and error traceability. Quality control and governance integration technology to develop high-speed precision, reliable CNC cutting machine, high-speed reclaiming, auxiliary equipment such as deburring function.

The hub processing parts of large ships are concentrated in the base of high-power diesel engine, frame, cylinder block, cylinder head, piston rod, crosshead, connecting rod, crankshaft, and gearbox drive shaft, rudder shaft and propeller, etc. The material is special alloy steel, which is generally processed in small batches and requires processing yield. The hinged parts have the characteristics of large weight, complicated shape, high precision and large processing difficulty. Large-scale ship pivot processing requires high-power, high-reliability and multi-axis heavy-duty, ultra-heavy CNC cutting machines.

The power generation equipment hub has large weight, special shape, high precision, difficult processing and high price. For example, the pressure vessel of a nuclear power plant has a weight of 400~500 tons, and the rotor of a large steam turbine and generator weighs more than 100 tons. Work for more than 30 years. Therefore, the numerical control cutting machine required for the manufacture of power plant hinge parts is characterized by large size, high rigidity and high reliability.

The structural features of typical parts of the aviation industry are the large-scale use of a thin-walled structure with complex shapes. In order to increase the mobility of the aircraft, increase the payload and range, reduce costs, lightweight design and extensive use of new lightweight materials. A large number of aluminum alloys, high-temperature alloys, titanium alloys, high-strength steels, composite materials, engineering ceramics, etc. are now used. The thin-walled parts and honeycomb parts with complicated structure have complex shapes, holes, holes, grooves, reinforcing ribs, etc., and the process rigidity is poor. According to the structural characteristics and processing requirements of the machining parts of the aviation industry, the CNC cutting machine is required to have sufficient rigidity, simple operation, clear human-machine interface, requirement for spline interpolation and process average control to reduce the influence on the machining accuracy at the corner. Online measurement simulation.

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