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Laser cutting machine complete operation sequence

Sep. 19, 2019

Laser cutting machine complete operation sequence

1, open the main power switch

2. Turn on the machine's regulated current and auxiliary equipment power switch respectively.

3. Start auxiliary equipment such as air compressor, air cooler and chiller.

4. Open the drain valve of the gas storage tank, and close the drain valve after draining the water in the tank without water discharge.

5. Check the water level and water temperature setting of the chiller, add water as needed or reset the water temperature until the water temperature is constant to the set value.

6. Turn on the laser working gas and auxiliary gas valve, and check the current pressure. If the pressure is too low, the gas should be replaced in time.

7. Wait for the air compressor to reach 8 bar or more and turn on the laser and machine power.

8. Wait for the CNC system to start up and return to the original point.

9. Turn on the laser according to the laser instructions, wait for the laser to be ready, turn on the high voltage switch, and set the laser to the external control mode.

10. According to the material and plate thickness, call the corresponding cutting parameters to fix the plate.

11. Select the appropriate lens and nozzle according to the cutting parameters, and check the lens and nozzle.

12. Adjust the cutting head to the proper focus.

13, check the cutting gas

14, material trial cut

15, import the cutting program into the CNC

16. Move the cutting head to the cutting start point, transfer to the program, and start cutting.

17. After cutting the piece, pause the cutting and check whether the workpiece is qualified. After passing the test, continue cutting.

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