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Laser cutting machine cutting speed setting

Sep. 19, 2019

The faster the cutting speed of the metal laser cutting machine, the higher the cutting efficiency, but when cutting, we usually choose a suitable cutting speed to ensure the quality of the cutting workpiece. The laser lists the following two conditions that require speed reduction.

Condition: The use of transition wire method. Due to the small size of the piece, the cutting speed is fast, and the temperature has not yet reached the cooling, it is important to cut the arc, the burn at the beginning and end of the workpiece is severely burned, and the irregular contour is difficult to meet the requirements of the size and the roughness of the cutting surface. The combination of individual pieces, one-time cutting of multiple workpieces is processed by the transition method, the starting point and the ending point are coincident, and the workpiece is completely melted and the workpiece is melted and the like.

Condition: Cut thick plates of 4mm or more. In the actual laser cutting machine processing, master and understand several factors affecting the cutting quality, according to the carbon steel plate "thin plate high pressure high speed, thick plate low pressure low speed"; stainless steel, aluminum "thin plate low pressure high speed, thick plate high pressure low speed" In principle, by effectively adjusting the process parameters, high-quality, high-precision steel structural parts can be processed, giving full play to the advantages of high efficiency and high precision in machining and cutting.

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