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Factors affecting the quality of laser cut surface

Sep. 18, 2019

The main factors affecting the quality of laser cutting surface are: 1. The power required for laser laser cutting is determined by the nature of the material and the cutting mechanism. Materials with high cutting reflectivity, good thermal conductivity and high melting point require large laser power and power density. For vaporization cutting, the required power is large, the melting and cutting are second, and the reaction melting and cutting are small.

The laser should have a high beam quality. Laser cutting is based on the processing of thermal effects. In order to obtain high power density and fine incision, the diameter of the focused spot is small. At the same time, in order to ensure the consistency of the quality when cutting in different directions, the laser beam should have a good rotational symmetry around the optical axis. Saturation and circular polarization and high emission direction stability to ensure that the position of the focused spot is stable. Modern lasers should also feature continuous and high repeat output, fast switching to ensure high quality cutting of complex contours.

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