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Laser cutting machine three types

Sep. 16, 2019

Laser cutting machines can be divided into three types, which are described in the form of patterns.

It is a modern product, it replaces the human labor to better complete the items to be cut. There are also many researches on the model. In order to meet different cutting requirements, I think the laser cutting machine is mainly divided into three types, specifically Three?

Mounting type: This laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting thick plates, and has a large processing range. It can cut 2*6 meters or 3*9 meters directly on the machine.

Desktop: This kind of machine has a fast processing speed when cutting thin plates, but the effective cutting range is generally 1.5*3 meters. (such as switch cabinets, elevators, decoration, etc.) This kind of machine is now on the market, processing The competition is relatively large, but the application is relatively wide.

Principle Laser marking: After the laser is generated, the four mirrors of the front mirror, the rear mirror, the mirror and the condensing mirror are transmitted to the nozzle, and the auxiliary gas is sprayed from the nozzle, and 99% of pure oxygen is used as the cutting gas to generate high temperature and What is the pressure cutting through the workpiece? It is actually the principle of a large laser machine. I think the principle is similar.

Large-scale laser machine commonly used in industry: mainly consists of four kinds of gases, nitrogen, helium, oxygen and carbon dioxide, plus k volts to generate laser light, of which all kinds of gases are 99% high purity gas.

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