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The main components of the laser cutting machine

Sep. 12, 2019

1. The large area that the spindle can cover when it is running is called the work area. The electrical equipment and software of this regional machine are jointly determined to ensure that the spindle does not exceed its mechanical limit. In all positions that can be selected as the origin, the lower left corner of the workspace is a special position called the reference point. After the spindle is placed at the reference point, it can only move in the positive direction.

Although all operations performed by the laser cutting machine are relative to the reference point, additional reference points can be defined as needed in the work area for ease of use.

2. Servo drive

The servo drive is an electrical device that controls the power supply and feed speed of each axis motor so that each axis of the machine can be accurately positioned according to the command.

3. Encoder

Each axis of the machine is equipped with a digital position sensor, the encoder, which is used to feed back the position information of the motor to achieve positional tracking of each axis, such as origin search and point search. Since the encoder can only measure the relative change of position, only when the reference point is determined, we can determine the relative displacement of each axis, thus indicating the position of the axis.

4. Laser

The part of the machine that produces laser energy, the part of the light source.

5. Shutter

A switch used to control the laser output of a laser.

6. Mechanical sensor

Used to adjust the distance between the cutting head and the sheet to be cut and keep it consistent.

7. Capacitive sensor

The function is the same as the mechanical sensor. The difference is that the capacitive sensor uses the electrical properties of the metal material.

8 auxiliary gas

The auxiliary gas is ejected from the nozzle along with the laser beam, helping to improve the quality of the cut and prevent soot from contaminating the lens. Referring to the cutting parameters, different synthesis ratios of auxiliary gases are selected for different machine tools. The main components are compressed air, oxygen and nitrogen, and the output air pressure can be adjusted by software.

9. Control system, control panel

The control system is the operating system that the operator sends commands and reads machine status information. Equipment composition:

Keyboard and pointing device (mouse, touchpad or other similar device)

Control system host computer.

Operation panel: consists of buttons and indicators.

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