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Analysis of market prospects of fiber laser cutting machine

Sep. 10, 2019

In the years after China's reform and opening up, China's economy was in a period of rapid development. In the past decade, China has been in a stage of rapid development. The laser cutting machine industry has grown from nothing to nothing, and it has changed from buying to research and development in just a few years. China's demand for laser cutting machines has made China's laser cutting machine technology develop rapidly. In the future, China will become a world-class laser cutting machine production country, especially the high-efficiency, low-consumption equipment of fiber laser cutting machine will be the future. Development trend.

Nowadays, the increasing manufacturing industry has forced people to demand more urgently. The high efficiency of fiber laser cutting machine will be the focus of people's consideration. In order to improve cutting efficiency, people are gradually upgrading and using fiber laser cutting machine to carry out operations. Automobile manufacturing, aerospace, agricultural machinery, steel construction and engineering machinery are gradually moving toward fiber laser cutting machine. In the next few years, fiber laser cutting machine will occupy more than half of laser cutting machines. Laser cutting machine fiber laser cutting machine

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