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Comparison between laser cutting and traditional cutting

Sep. 09, 2019

(1) The laser beam has a high power density after focusing, and can cut any difficult-to-process high-melting material, high-temperature resistant material, hard and brittle material, and the like.

(2) The slit is narrow, generally 0.1-1mm, the quality of the slit is good, the edge of the slit is smooth, there is no side edge, and there is no cutting residue. Shapes with complex contours and small radius of curvature can achieve micron-level cutting and save materials by 15%-30%.

(3) Non-contact cutting, the workpiece to be cut is not subjected to mechanical force, and the deformation is extremely small. It is suitable for cutting hard and brittle materials such as Boli, ceramics and semiconductors, and parts with poor properties such as honeycomb structures and sheets.

(4) The cutting speed is high, generally up to 2-4m/min.

(5) The aspect ratio of cutting is large, up to 30 for metal, and more than 100 for non-metal.

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