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Laser cutting processing applications

Sep. 09, 2019

1) The laser is a sharp, wear-free tool;

(2) The laser cutting process does not apply force, making the workpiece easy to fix, and it is easy to carry out complicated processing on very book materials;

(3) Light is weightless, the light guiding system is very light and can rotate faster than conventional tools;

(4) It can be processed under the motion state of the workpiece, such as the transmission line;

(5) Due to the transmission characteristics of the laser, it is not necessary to bring the laser close to the workpiece;

(6) A laser source can be used for multiple processing zones through an optical system;

(7) Since the laser spot gathers very small and the processing process is very fast, no thermal effect affecting the performance of the workpiece is generated in the workpiece;

(8) The cutting quality is good and no further processing is required;

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