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Can rusted iron plates be cut directly with a laser cutter?

Sep. 03, 2019

In the hot and humid south, rusting of metal materials such as iron plates and carbon steel is a very normal phenomenon. Rusty plates can be cut directly with a laser cutter? The answer of course is: no.



    Everyone knows that the laser cutting machine is an artifact that cuts iron and mud, but the laser of the laser cutting machine is powerless to the surface of the rust. Because the laser itself cannot be a light source, heat is generated only after absorption through the surface of the sheet metal workpiece. For unrusted materials and rusted materials, the laser absorption is very different and the cutting effect is different.


    Taking a rusted sheet of 5 mm or less as an example, the cutting condition of the sheet which is cut uniformly and uniformly rusted is better than that of the uneven rusted sheet. Since the overall uniform rusted plate absorbs the laser light evenly, good cutting can be performed. For the processing of materials with uneven rust on the surface, the surface condition of the material should be uniform before cutting. Of course, if conditions permit, it is recommended to use a sander for rust removal.


    For thicker rusted plates, if the laser cutting machine is used to cut the rusted slab, it is easy to cause the cutting to be impervious, the cutting quality is not good, and even the slag splashing may occur, which may result in Damage protects the lens, even focusing the lens, causing the ceramic body to burst. Therefore, if you cut thick rusted materials, you must first remove the rust and then cut.

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