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Metal cabinet sales are small? Laser cutting machine helps you break into the home of ordinary people

Aug. 29, 2019

Stainless steel is widely used in the industry and can be found everywhere in the kitchen, such as gas stoves in the kitchen, microwave ovens, gas stove electronic parts, kitchen hardware and so on. The advantage of stainless steel is high temperature resistance, easy care, and durability. The laser cutting machine can be used for plane cutting, pipe cutting and punching of stainless steel, which can fully meet the processing needs of stainless steel products.

However, it is not difficult to find out that in addition to household appliances, small hardware, etc., stainless steel cabinets rarely appear in ordinary people's homes, and more often appear in the kitchen of the restaurant. This situation largely limits the stainless steel cabinets. Sales.

Metal cabinet sales are small? Laser cutting machine helps you break into the home of ordinary people

In fact, compared with the traditional wooden cabinets, the advantages of stainless steel cabinets are quite obvious. The real 0 formaldehyde, the table top integration, will not crack, not afraid of fire, not afraid of water, good impact resistance, strong hardness, no discoloration, good cleaning , can be recycled.

Under the many advantages, the stainless steel cabinets still can't enter the ordinary people's homes. The reason is expensive and the purchase cost is high; on the other hand, the reason is "low value."

To solve the disadvantages of these two aspects of stainless steel cabinets, the use of more advanced laser cutting machine for processing is a common choice of many manufacturers.

Common stainless steel cutting methods include high-pressure water jet waterjet water cutting, stepping punching, file cutting, disc cutting, grinding wheel cutting, laser cutting and so on. Among them, stainless steel thin plate laser cutting machine occupies a large proportion in industrial production, and stainless steel cabinets use 1-2mm stainless steel thin plate.

Metal cabinet sales are small? Laser cutting machine helps you break into the home of ordinary people

In the processing of sheet metal, the advantages of laser cutting machine are obvious compared to the traditional processing technology. The laser beam has a short transposition time and is easy to complete continuous processing. The use of laser cutting not only speeds up processing, high efficiency, but also can complete the cutting of any shape of the board, without the need for mold or tool change, shortening the preparation time period. Therefore, the laser cutting machine can effectively reduce the processing cost of stainless steel cabinets, helping enterprises to occupy the market with more cost-effective products.

In terms of aesthetics, the laser beam of the laser cutting machine is concentrated in a small area. Because the energy is very concentrated, only a small amount of heat is transmitted to other parts of the steel, and the deformation is small or no deformation, so the processing precision is high, and the section is high. Smooth, stress-free deformation, the processed stainless steel sheet has a higher "face value".

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