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Laser cut metal furniture, simple fashion, you deserve it

Aug. 26, 2019

Metal furniture is becoming more and more common in daily life. Whether it is in the home or public space, the metal furniture is beautiful, durable and easy to clean. It gradually replaces the traditional wooden furniture and becomes the new favorite of the home. In the production process of metal furniture, it involves the cutting of metal planes and sheet metal, so it is often used in metal laser cutting machines or laser pipe cutting machines.

This set of furniture made in Italy, including stacked armchairs, high chairs, benches, square tables, round tables, has a simple appearance, practical and artistic value.

Laser cut metal furniture, simple fashion, you deserve it


The table and chair are made of steel pipe frame, laser-cut aluminum seat and backrest, and the surface of the table is hot-dip galvanized steel. Although it is metal but the overall structure is light, the chair can be conveniently placed on the top of the table, making it easier to organize, clean and more practical.

 The entire metal house is available in white, red, black and grey. Each color has a completely different texture. Although it is an outdoor product, it is also very suitable for indoor, private and public use.

Such a set of metal furniture perfectly shows the difference between metal furniture and traditional furniture. Its lightweight structure gets rid of the heavy feeling of wooden furniture. The solid texture can withstand the wind and rain of the outdoor, and the simple shape is more It can reflect the modern beauty, and the application of metal laser cutting machine in the production process adds more scientific sense.

 Laser cut metal furniture, simple fashion, you deserve it

In fact, many metal products in modern homes rely on metal laser cutting machines for processing. This is because metal furniture requires higher processing quality, especially the quality of the cutting section. Huagong Laser has many years of experience in R&D and production of metal laser cutting machines. The range of metal laser cutting equipment ranges from 1000W to 12000W, providing a variety of options for metal processing, and the quality of equipment is excellent.


The traditional metal processing technology wants to obtain the best processing effect, and more needs secondary processing and polishing, while the metal laser cutting machine almost does not need secondary processing, which effectively improves the processing efficiency.

 Laser cut metal furniture, simple fashion, you deserve it

More importantly, the CNC metal laser cutting machine can process the required shape according to the requirements, and the flexibility is higher, which can help the metal processing industry to achieve flexible and efficient production, which is also the reason why the metal laser cutting machine is popular in the creative design field. one.

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