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The price difference of laser cutting machine is here, are you buying expensive?

Aug. 16, 2019

The price difference of laser cutting machine is here, are you buying expensive?

I have met many customers and asked the laser cutting machine how much it is. This is like how much you ask for Mercedes in the 4S shop, so that our sales staff can't answer, we don't know the specific needs of customers, the price is definitely It is not certain, but the customer's professional knowledge is very scarce. When choosing a laser cutting machine, it is often foggy. How can we choose the most cost-effective cutting machine? Laser cutting machine laser generator and beam transmission component Configurations such as workbench, computer numerical control cabinet, cooler and computer not only determine the price, but also determine the service life of the equipment. Therefore, we must pay attention to the choice of accessories when we buy laser cutting machines.

The price difference of laser cutting machine is here, are you buying expensive?

1. Determine the needs of the company and choose the right equipment

When choosing a laser cutting machine, first determine the needs of the enterprise, understand the purpose of purchasing the laser cutting machine, the material to be cut, and the thickness of the cutting material.

2. Select a cutting machine with a moderate processing width and high cutting precision

After selecting the machine type, select the table top of the laser cutting machine according to the size of the cutting material. The same series and the same power width are expensive, but the width is not good. The average laser output of some poor quality machines at large points is unstable, so choosing the right format is correct. Of course, you should also pay attention to the accuracy of the laser cutting machine. The higher the accuracy, the better the cut surface. The cutting speed of the laser cutting machine should also be considered. After all, the faster the cutting speed, the higher the efficiency, and the greater the profit generated. The longer the life of the laser, the better the user.

3. Focus on brand selection and after-sales service

The laser cutting machine has high cutting precision and high speed, and requires careful maintenance by technicians every day. Although maintenance is simple, there are inevitably some minor problems. If repairs cannot be made in time, delays in repair time will directly affect the economic benefits of the company. Only large-scale brand manufacturers have strong capabilities to support the after-sales service of sold goods, and to repair equipment within the promised after-sales service time limit.

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