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The 22nd Qingdao Tnternational Machine Tool Exhibition

Jun. 29, 2019

The 22nd Qingdao International Machine Tool Expo 2019 will be held in Qingdao international expo center from July 18 to 22. This time we are ready to welcome the exhibition with a higher spirit. In order to show our sincerity, we will bring new products to Qingdao international exhibition center under the working of all departments.

Hot recommend 1: 6020H Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 6000W

This new design product use completely enclosed laser protective glass to prevent laser from harming human body, this reflects the people-oriented production concept. 

The environmental protection smoke and dust automatic collection system, manifests the green science and technology idea.

Our all products by the outstanding performance, the forward-looking science and technology and the green idea.

6020H is equipped with intelligent monitoring system, which can reduce the accident rate. This series is suitable for mechanical equipment, sheet metal processing, kitchen appliances, sheet metal cabinet, lighting advertising, electrical equipment and various metal products processing and other industries. Quality, still so safe!

The 22nd Qingdao Tnternational Machine Tool Exhibition

The 22nd Qingdao Tnternational Machine Tool Exhibition

Hot recommend 2:4000W enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchange work table with tube pipe,This series is a plate and tube integrated optical fiber laser cutting equipment tailored for the metal processing industry. The product has stable performance, cost-effective, cutting effect is good, long life and other characteristics, can be applied to all kinds of flat cutting, pinion and rack drive system functionality, high precision, saves material up and down waiting time, compared with the traditional way of transmission, its performance has improved significantly, fastest 10 seconds to realize the exchange platform, greatly meets the requirements of different industries customers choice.

The 22nd Qingdao Tnternational Machine Tool Exhibition

The 22nd Qingdao Tnternational Machine Tool Exhibition

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