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Industry 4.0 Leapion Machinery Helps China's Manufacturing Industry Upgrade

Nov. 14, 2018

Today, China's manufacturing industry is a fat man. The system is not strong. It is puffy. From the perspective of product transfer value, the product's fixed rate is unrealistically high. In the past three or four years, the Internet has been playing down the fixed rate and improving the delivery value.

German Industry 4.0 is a medium and high-end manufacturing industry, pursuing the ultimate quality and design, which is not available in the past Chinese manufacturing industry. Many of our companies are pursuing the scale of the market, and the larger quantity brings lower cost. , the consumption of resources, the full use of manpower.

Leading machinery has been deeply studying German industry:

Spiritually, we do not aim at the scale, industry rankings, and wealth rankings, but aim at the high quality needs of our customers;

Design, respect design, protect originality, and provide customers with high-quality laser solutions;

In operation, use intelligent software control, flexible production lines, and make full use of various management tools.

The upgrading of China's manufacturing industry is a long process, with sufficient determination and patience. The older generation will go forward with the middle-aged and even the next generation. There will be people in the middle who will fall behind, and will also be at the expense of a large group. At this time, companies with a global vision will have a greater chance of success.

Leading machinery, has been committed to building its own core technology, and constantly improve its brand image and influence. This is a difficult but beautiful process. The road that has not been completed will not be the end. Every product will be polished with care, and the peak will be created. We will turn over one mountain and let the world hear our story.

The first three industrial revolutions have led to the continuous evolution of the manufacturing mode of production. "Industry 4.0" has changed the mode of manufacturing on the basis of the third industrial revolution. It represents the smart manufacturing behind the new round of industrial revolution. It is the development of a more efficient and refined future, and it has brought about tremendous changes in the innovation model.

In the era of traditional manufacturing, standards determine products and determine market orientation. Because of this, the standard has curbed innovation to a certain extent, ignoring the differentiation of customer needs in the information age, and no longer conforms to the new Internet thinking and future manufacturing thinking.

“Industry 4.0” achieves horizontal interconnection on a decentralized value network and manages it in real time. From the time the user places an order to the delivery of the product, through the information systems of raw material procurement, product design, R&D, manufacturing and customer relationship management, supply chain and production energy management, helping the factory to achieve short-term listing of products, higher Production flexibility and asset utilization, lower costs and more manageable risks.

Leading machinery is not good enough, we are based on the present, to improve the quality of existing products, improve the production efficiency of the products, and then consider the layout of the future.

At present, the products have launched smart customization solutions for customers, and some of our users directly participate in the “R&D” interaction, providing us with more innovative ideas.

In the future, the smart factory of the lead machinery will accept the production orders of personalized products through the Internet website. We collect cooperative production equipment or partners through social media tools such as Facebook and Weibo, and purchase raw materials and parts from the platform to manufacture finished products. After delivery, the system automatically performs sales settlement through online payment, forming a cross-domain “industry support”.

After our technology is mature and the product is finalized, we begin to go back to “standardization”. Therefore, the manufacturing industry has better flexibility and flexibility, so that standardization and diversification coexist, forming a “R&D” + “Industry Support” + “Standardization” = “Innovation” model to ensure the implementation of “mass customization” models. To achieve the goal of adapting to the market's diversified needs for laser equipment and enjoying the advantages of large-scale production.

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