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Great distance, Love long

Jun. 13, 2019

When the late of night comes ,  most of us have probably fallen asleep, all is quiet at dead of night, looking ahead, the light is dim. Looking up at the starry sky, there are thousands of stars. The Leapion’s wooden container holds 1325 and 2040 CNC engraving machines, and bearing the trust and support from customers, it will be sent to Spanish. When the night experienced the hustle and bustle of the day, Savour the fragrance of solitude, The night is not lonely.

et the container full of my feelings for you at dead of light       

CNC router is adopt word top brand drive system-HIWIN/PMI square rails.  all electrical cables are shielded and high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant material. Constructed with steel frame and gantry, optional servo motors and zoned vacuum table, CNC router is can be used Wood, acrylic, rubber, plastic, stone and metal materials.

Great distance, Love long

Let the container full of my feelings for you

Don't be afraid of the long road ahead, but look forward to the future. Leapion Laser is becoming a leader in laser engraving, cutting and marking industries. We are innovators and problem solvers. We not only provide you with better quality products, but also provide you with better quality services.

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